• Wilberforce: The Champion of Abolition Motivated by Faith in Christ Alone
    William Wilberforce is a name synonymous with the fight against the inhumanity of the slave trade. His journey from a privileged politician to a relentless advocate for abolition is a testament to the power of faith-driven conviction and moral courage. So often self-interest is the sole driver motivating people towards involvement in politics but Wilberforce’s… Read more: Wilberforce: The Champion of Abolition Motivated by Faith in Christ Alone
  • Why Should Christians Engage in Politics?
    For Christians, engaging in politics is essential. Explore how Biblical mandates and historical perspectives support active political involvement to uphold moral integrity.
  • Not very sporting
    Professional sports have become a battleground for woke political correctness, as seen in the controversial sacking of Andrew Thorburn from the Essendon AFL club and the banning of Israel Folau for his social media posts. It’s time for everyday Aussies to reclaim the joy of sport with backyard cricket and family barbecues, free from the constant moralising of professional athletes.
  • The Queen is dead, long live the King
    The death of Queen Elizabeth II has triggered a seamless transition of power to King Charles III, showcasing the enduring strength and precision of the Constitutional Monarchy. Despite republican hopes for change, the overwhelming acceptance of the new King highlights the brilliance of the Monarchy as an institution.