I became a Christian in November, 1983 in a small Baptist Church in the Central Queensland mining town of Blackwater.  I was un-churched and Biblically illiterate.  In the first three months after surrendering my life to Jesus I read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  From conversion my wife, Deb, and I have served The Lord in whatever jobs He has wanted us to do . We began leading Bible study groups in our home in the late 1980’s while we raised our three children, I studied at Bible College by night and worked as an IT consultant by day.  During this time we helped many people come to Christ from all walks of life.  We accidentally planted a church in our home with people we had led to Jesus and a few morbidly curious friends who were not connected to a local church.  The small house church grew into, what today, is Southland Church.

On the 2nd November, 1997 I was ordained as a pastor in the Vineyard movement.  My aim is to live as an authentic disciple of Jesus Christ.  As I have followed this conviction doors have opened (and some have closed) but I have never been disappointed in Him.  My hope is to bring some people on this journey and see the next generation build on our foundations – our ceiling will be their floor.