Not very sporting

Professional sports are rife with woke political correctness; a fact recent headlines highlight all too well unfortunately.

The sacking of Andrew Thorburn as Chief Executive of the Essendon AFL club, for simply chairing the board of an Anglican church that upholds traditional Christian views of marriage and life, is a stark reminder that Cultural Marxism is alive and well in professional sports. Australian cricket captain, Pat Cummins, has declared he will no longer appear in any promotional material for Cricket Australia sponsor Alinta Energy because of his environmental concerns. Cummins’ concerns are ironical given that he drives a fuel guzzling Range Rover, has more frequent flyer points than Al Gore, and a carbon footprint the size of Australia’s farting cattle herd. Add to this the banning of Israel Folau by both Australian rugby codes for paraphrasing a Bible passage on social media and it is plain to see that professional sports are not very sporting.

From the never-ending welcomes to our own country at every major sporting event, to smoking ceremonies, athletes ‘taking the knee’ for the Marxist ‘Black Lives Matter’ cause, and biological males competing in women’s sports, how did sports become so much more than sports?

I know I sound old, but I remember the good old days when our sports arenas were packed with loud parochial supporters of proud sporting clubs, where larrikins were welcome, and religion, politics, and ideological differences were parked at the turnstiles. I remember those 121, 696 fans at the 1970 VFL grand final shamelessly cheering on as Carlton downed a luckless Collingwood by just 10 points. Those days are gone and for me backyard cricket, and family barbeque footy could be the reformation of recreational sports.

Imagine a world where the constant frustration of sporting bodies and professional sporting celebs lecturing their adoring fans on every matter of life is a distant memory. Its time for true blue Aussies to reject our sporting overlords, throw a snag on the barbie, crack a cold one, and let the true games begin!

“backyard cricket, and family barbeque footy could be the reformation of recreational sports”

Rob Norman