Worship At The Wall

Unhealthy spirituality hides behind a formula for faith; often leading us to remind God of His promises; as if somehow He’s forgotten us!  Our theology becomes the foundation for interpreting God rather than our relationship with the Biblical Christ .  Our theology becomes a box for God and it describes all His behavior and His philosophical statements on life.  When this kind of spirituality ‘hits the wall‘ we are left confused, frustrated, discouraged and, at worst -without any faith in God.

When a person who is spiritually healthy hits the wall they are able to express themselves in ways that are emotionally and spiritually consistent.  They can say ‘I am bewildered’, ‘I am hurt‘,’I am angry‘, even – ‘where are you God?‘  But they will also say ‘Lord, I choose to worship you

We should know that our emotions are important and need to be listened to, however the wall acts as a reset button that protects us from worshiping our emotions.  The journey past the wall is a journey into the unknown.  If we never really knew God before this point we will probably grasp for theology or other people to straighten things out for us.  If we have a healthy spirituality that is intertwined with our emotional life we will instinctively worship God at the wall.  We may not know what God is doing and we won’t know what lies beyond the wall but our security in Him will remain firm.

Contemporary spirituality is in crisis!  Spiritual and emotional health are vital for survival.  I recommend Peter Scazzero’sEmotionally Healthy Spirituality” as a great starting point.